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Dictionary of abbreviations. 2012.

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  • pyc|ni|um — «PIHK nee uhm», noun, plural ni|a « nee uh». Botany. 1. a spermogonium, especially of certain rust fungi. 2. a pycnidium. ╂[< New Latin pycnium < Greek pyknós thick, dense + New Latin ium, a noun suffix] …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyc — ae·pyc·er·os; pyc·nan·the·mum; pyc·ni·al; pyc·nid; pyc·nid·i·al; pyc·nid·io·spore; pyc·nid·i·um; pyc·nio·spore; pyc·nite; pyc·ni·um; pyc·noc·o·ma; pyc·no·don·ta; pyc·no·don·ti; pyc·no·don·ti·dae; pyc·no·gon·i·da; pyc·nom·e·ter; pyc·no·mor·phic;… …   English syllables

  • Pyc — The string pyc can refer to:* as an abbreviation: ** PYC Potsdamer Yacht Club ** pyc a compiler for Python bytecode, compiling .py code into .pyc code ** PYC Shatin Pui Ying College in Hong Kong, China* as a prefix: ** PYc Coastal Patrol Yacht… …   Wikipedia

  • pyc|nid|i|um — «pihk NIHD ee uhm», noun, plural i|a « ee uh». a spore fruit in some fungi. Typically it is a rounded or flask shaped receptacle enclosing conidia borne on conidiophores. ╂[< New Latin pycnidium < Greek pyknós thick, dense + New Latin idium …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyc|ni|o|spore — «PIHK nee uh spr, spohr», noun. Botany. a spermatium. ╂[< Greek pyknós thick, dense + English spore] …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyc|nom|e|ter — «pihk NOM uh tuhr», noun. an instrument, consisting usually of a glass flask with a thermometer, for determining the relative density or specific gravity of liquids. ╂[< Greek pyknós thick, dense] …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyc|no|style — «PIHK nuh styl», adjective, noun. Architecture. –adj. of or having to do with an arrangement of columns in which the intercolumniation measures one and a half diameters. –n. a pycnostyle colonnade. ╂[< Latin pycnostŷlos < Greek pyknóst < …   Useful english dictionary

  • PYC — Presbyterian Youth Connection (Community » Religion) ** Prentice, Yates, & Clark, Chartered Accountants (Business » Accounting) ** Prentice, Yates, & Clark, Chartered Accountants (Business » Firms) ** Compiled Python script file (Computing » File …   Abbreviations dictionary

  • PyC — pyogenic culture …   Medical dictionary

  • pyc — interj. 1. trankiam žingsniui nusakyti: Batukai su aukštums kulniums, pyc pyc eina kaip grapikė Krš. 2. veiksmo staigumui nusakyti: Pyc ir paskavojo Pst …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

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